Because of the internet.

The other day a bright green parakeet landed on my upstairs neighbor’s fire escape. She watched it for awhile before opening her window and trying to pet him. He jumped on her shoulder almost immediately and that would have been the end of the story if she wasn’t leaving town for a week, and also already the owner of two very curious (read bird-hungry) cats. So the duty fell to me - also the owner of two very curious (read bird-hungry) cats. 

I posted a photo of him to Instagram trying to find a more appropriate home as my boyfriend attempted to fashion a makeshift bird cage. The photo I posted prompted the response from a friend - tagging another person in the comments:

As it turns out our little green friend had been touring the neighborhood of Bushwick and had stopped by another person’s fire escape earlier in the day. A friend-of-a-friend who had posted a few photos of the bird only a couple of hours earlier than me.

It was a funny coincidence and ended with me bringing the bird to Sean Casey Animal Rescue, only to have the friend-of-a-friend track him down the next day to adopt him. 

A nice turn of events. Because of the Internet.